Pelita Maslaut Sdn Bhd accepts 60 new students

Date Posted : Tuesday 12-Feb-2013

SIBU: Pelita Maslaut Sdn Bhd, a maritime education provider, has accepted its first intake of students for this year.

The new marine ratings come from all over the state.

Their three-month theoretical programme marks the beginning of their career as professional seafarers.

“Today, we have about 60 new students or marine ratings who come mostly from Kuching, Sri Aman and Sibu as well as other Divisions in Sarawak,” said Hj. Masni Amit, Managing Director of the institute.

He said  the young people had grabbed the opportunity to change their lives and those of their respective families.

“Many people are beginning to realise that their dreams to change their lives and those of their families can be achieved through a   maritime career.
“It will reward those who have the ability to perform well.

“This is a fact and evident in all the seafarers around the world and, of course, by our own seamen in this country,” he pointed out.

Masni added that besides transforming the lives of the new marine ratings  and those of their families, Pelita Maslaut Sdn Bhd was also  complementing the government’s efforts to produce  manpower for the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE).

Sarawak  would need ships to transport bulks of materials of all kinds into the state for SCORE, he said.

It needed professional seafarers to operate and ply between other coastal countries and Sarawak, he added.

Masni explained that after spending three months in class, the new maritime ratings would be assigned to undergo a six-month practical training on selected ships.

“After that, they will be assessed based on their performance, understanding of basic operation and safety standards on board, based on Malaysian government approved programmes.

“These programmes are also internationally approved,” he added.

Yesterday, the new students, who appeared to be excited, were accompanied by their parents.


  • MASNI AMIT (ninth left) and General Manager, Mohd Najim Masni (sixth left) pose with the new marine ratings and their parents.

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