Marijuana Use and Legal Issues Surrounding Its Use

Although there is enough evidence on the potential benefits of marijuana on health, there are several justifiable reasons why its use should be assessed in a legal context. Does the decision at hand benefit a single patient or the law of the land? The legality or suitability of marijuana in society is a subject that is often met with mixed reactions.

medical marijuana

The legal concerns surrounding the use of marijuana on the society often overshadow science in debates on marijuana’s worth as medicine. However, this write-up does not intend to address every detail or provide some legal advice, which can be sought from a lawyer. The main aim here is to give you a simple overview concerning the legality of marijuana, which is currently legal in all 50 states, as a medicine.

Legislation on Marijuana

Long before marijuana was added into the list of banned substances, it was a part of folk medicine in different cultures. A good number of states hand banned marijuana by the 1920s. Although some jurisdictions still allowed the use of medical marijuana, the bureaucracies involved were a deterrent.

It is worth noting that marijuana legislation has changed considerably in the last couple of decades. And from the look of things, things are just getting started. This observation is particularly true at the state level, where the laws and local enforcement practices keep varying. While this article shares some insights about some medical uses or benefits of marijuana, it is not meant to endorse this practice.

Medical Uses of Marijuana

Marijuana at present times is used for medical reasons, with some reasons becoming strong enough to maintain its status as a therapeutic agent. Cannabis’ ability to help patients cope or manage specific ailments for a long time been provided as part of the medical necessity defense. This defense means that patients with the following diseases can use marijuana to avoid more significant harm.marijuana uses

  • Nausea from cancer treatment
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Seizure Disorders
  • Nerve pains

Medical uses of marijuana and the increasing number of certain medical conditions such as cancer have made legislatures rethink their decision to ban marijuana. With medical marijuana allowed by most jurisdictions, everyone needs to understand the legal position held as far as the use of marijuana is concerned.